Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spring? really?

How can it be March already? Oh my this year is whizzing by! It may be that spring takes me by surprise located as I am now in the country (oh no I spelled it correctly, trust me) of Texas where the only true winter I had was the week we spent in NYC.

But it is lovely today and I am much improved; all the stitches that are coming out, came out yesterday (ow!) and the other were “clipped” to absorb in their own time. I can stand up straight now, most of the time, and was given permission to walk about a bit more – so that’s all good.

I’m going to be good (no really!) and time myself when it comes to time at my computer, working (I can’t believe how much energy, I mean actual energy, that writing uses) and ease up on full time for at least another week or so – I’m not good, as we know, at the moderation thing. Grrrrr. The fact that I wear out quickly is helpful, as is the falling over and onto the couch.

So here for you today is a little something I have taped on my “wall”. I always carry about and collect new bits and pieces of what I consider brilliant little pieces of advice or observation and keep them on a bulletin board or taped on a wall or cabinet door…

“…that week taught me to honour W.C. Field’s profound statement, ‘IF at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.’
The thing is, science supports this. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the ability to quit easily makes us healthier – and wealthier – than does leechlike tenacity.”

I would love to give credit but I cut it out of some publication ages ago, and I don’t remember where or even when. I don’t think it should be used as an excuse to give up on a creditable endeavour because it is difficult, but I do think that sometimes you have to say, ‘That isn’t working and find a better way.’

I have to go sit now. ☺


Oh, and Happy Square Root Day! The math-buffs’ holiday, which occurs only nine times each century, is today – 3/3/09 (for the mathematically challenged, three is the square root of nine).


James Higham said...

Spring has sprung and how is your health?

lady macleod said...

better my friend, thank you, and getting sassier every day :-)
Thank you for coming by.

sally in norfolk said...

Glad to see you up and about ... spring is certainly in the air :-)

Mama Zen said...

I love the Field's quote. Now, that's wisdom!

Feel better soon!

Sparx said...

Oh, lovely to see you back and hear that you're recovering... and to be a Grandmother too?!!! Hooray!!!

scarlettscion said...

what? grandmother? what?

what HAVE we been telling people...;-)

Moannie said...

So good to see you are back and in good spirits. Isn't Spring the best time?

Take it easy.

lady macleod said...

Sparx and Scarlettscion
THE FUTURE~ I WAS SPEAKING OF THE FUTURE! Really honey, I was speaking of my daughter the Professor having a baby - NOT NOW!!!
(oh dear now I need a cup of tea)
Thank you both for coming by.

lady macleod said...

thank you dear. It is certainly spring for you eh? You "professional woman" with degreeS you! Well done. I'm so proud of you.
thank you for coming by.

Thank you and thank you for coming by.

Stop getting me in hot water! I was talking of the FUTURE! She still has her doctorate to finish! See what powers Spud has? He can cause people to topple about clear across the pond. Hmmm.... future Prime Minister in training perhaps...
Thank you for coming by love.

Thank you and yes spring is so fine and I intend to enjoy every green and fragrant moment.
Thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you are getting better, Lady M and I love that piece of wisdom.