Monday, 7 May 2007

the AIM conversation or how I got a cat in Morocco

10:39 PM
Q: ok
Q: so we need to talk
Me: ?
uh oh
Q: neal just opened the door
10:40 PM
and a teeny tiny kitten walked in
Me: i was on the moon with steve
Q: I have no idea how he got in the building
Me: NO!!!
Q: but he's very tiny, and he walked in the door, and neal gave it food
Me: well maybe no
Q: and you SAID you want to adopt a street cat
and I can't put it back on the street now
he showed up at the door!
Me: well....shit.Oh yes you could you bugger
Q: I can take him to the free vet in fes tommorrow
no, I can't
I'd like to see YOU put this thing back on the street, it fits in your palm
Me: he will want to go ourside and he will get fleas or get eaten or fall off the terrace

Q: the vet may say he has something wrong so he'll die anyway
but I should at least check
so you don't let him outside....duh
Me: can you take him tomorrow?
is it a he?
Q: we never let the other cats outside
yeah, I'm going to
I'm not sure, I think so
Me: well turn him over and Look
Q: I'm not sure what to feed him, he's quite tiny, may have escaped from one of the guys who steals kittens from the mom
Me: milk?
Q: yeah, it's not good for him but it'll do for now
Me: that pasturized stuff might be good, lots of fatty
Q: yeah but milk isn't good for them long term, I'll ask the vet if there is any formula
and google it I guess
Me: and exactly WHY are Neal and Caroline not keeping him? since they let him in?
I haven't even SEEN a litter box or litter anywhere in this country you know...
what will you carry him in?
Q: because they are leaving in 10 days
and the cat won't be healthy or big enough to take by then, and caroline is allergic
I'll buy a box and marjane tommorrow I guess...have to find something
I think it's a girl
could be that the testes haven't descended yet though
Me: before you do anything take it to the vet. A girl!
females are trouble, but they don't spray...
I am making no decision yet. You take it to the vet and then I will decide.
I guess the worst thing that could happen is that it lives on the roof and I have to spend time gathering up shite!
Q: yeah, I imagine it needs to be defleaed and ear-dropped
I imagine it needs flea dipping, ear drops, and deworming
Me: YES!!!!!
Q: so we need to go and eat
Me: lovely
Me: you can't help it I think
aim me tomorrow then
Q: but if you were waiting for one to show up...
it showed up
Me: hard to argue with that logic
go eat!
Q: k

I am a bastion of firmness am I not? This is how the past three cats entered my life! I am only pleased she doesn't bring home reptiles....anymore. Morocco is lousey with cats as the Phophet was said to be fond of them. I have not noticed them so much here in Rabat, but in Fez they are constantly underfoot and for the most part are well fed and surviving. I have no idea if I can find a litter box anywhere, much less litter! Now I have something to do tomorrow, eh?


darth sardonic said...

i too came. i read also. i most assuredly will be back to shock and annoy with oversized comments. i may even add you, seems to be alot of that going around you know.

lady macleod said...


Thanks for the read. Do come back.

Pamela Jeanne said...

I am so envious of your travels -- and your cats! As you know from reading my blog, alas, no cats in my future. Thank you very much for your encouraging words and kind comments. I appreciate your empathy and understanding more than you'll ever know. I'll drop by regularly to find out how your fascinating life continues to unfold. Cheers!

lady macleod said...

Oh pj,

Welcome, and thank you for coming by. I look forward to 'seeing' you again, soon I hope.