Thursday, 10 May 2007

Scaffolding and a new kitty

The photographs are of the fort that surrounds my little neighborhood here on the edge of the Atlantic. It is the Kasbah Oudaylas. Formerly it was the housing compound for officers of the palace guard and their families. There is, I am only going by the scaffolding here as there was no door to door announcement, some sort of renovation project being put into play on the walls. I cannot fathom why they would begin in summer’s heat, but then as I have noticed the Moroccans withstand the hot weather much better than I. Simultaneously there is a dig site over near the far wall from the entrance. We can’t decide if they are looking for something, in the archaeology sense or just deplaning the dirt. All will be revealed I am sure. Our gate is some four hundred years old and quite famous. I shall get a photograph to post for you soon.

Also in our photograph parade today are photographs of the new furry creature who is stinky, loud (in a tiny way), and completely adorable. He is very alert, and I am pleased to report not stupid. Of course the not stupid always makes it more difficult for the owner. He in short order discerned that he could climb up onto his basket, jump to the cushion in the corner that then gave him enough height to jump to the railing of the –pen and wa la! He was on the couch. Bugger. He has to be contained as he has brought with him, on his tiny body, FLEAS. You know those horrid buggers that once you have an infestation in the house, it takes total war to get them out. I fought that battle once; I would not care to repeat the experience. He is too young to be “dipped” or have the Advantage shots, so it is the salt, vinegar, and some form of isolation. It is not going all that well – the isolation part as Q, quite naturally wants him to cuddle, which simultaneously makes him happy as well.
He already has a distinct personality this one. In a city lousy with cats (Fez) he was determined to be a survivor. Q surmises that he is one of those unfortunates that the unscrupulous dealers take from the mothers at three weeks and sell them. Now I am sorry, but after having lived in Fez for six months and noting that the people-feline population is about equal, perhaps a few more cats, I do not understand why you would BUY a cat? We adopted Mama Cat for our stay at the Villa. There was never any question of bringing her with us, as she had staked out that territory, made out quite well, and would find a cat lover in the next group. Back to stinky, as he will be to me until Q gets his bowels under control and he can hit the litter box. I imagine it will take longer than usual, as he is so young! Meanwhile we have covered the ‘roof’ of the playpen with a heavy blanket that is keeping him in for now…. I have been wanting to buy an interesting small cedar door...


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

If Stinky has loose bowels, try feeding him just fish for a while. My Pearl had that problem, a food intolerance, and the vet recommended fish for the first year of her life. Cleared it right up. Minnie liked it, too. I've read that Brewer's Yeast in food can solve the flea problem though I've never tried it myself. Coming from Florida, I've just accepted that animals get fleas.

lady macleod said...

Thank you for the advice. I will tell Q the fish advice. Hmm brewer's yeast eh? I think we will check that out. If we can get rid of them while he is still so small we will be in good shape. Once he is large enough the vet will give him the Advantage. All vet care is free, can you believe that, so that is a boon.

The Good Woman said...

No advice on the cate - I'm hoping your place is tiled - at least that way these things don't linger.

I absolutey love looking at your photos. All that blue sky..., and the other stuff too!

lady macleod said...

good woman,

Yes, I am pleased to report we do have tile and stone and as you say that will be of tremendous help.

I am glad you are enjoying the photographs. Thank you for coming by.

taamarbuuta said...

Hi there! I found your comment in my blog - so excited to find yet another Morocco blog!

I had a wee Moroccan kitten not too long ago (she's now a 5 month old terror) - we feed her fish and cow's milk.

Your vet care is free? Where?!

lady macleod said...


Hello to you.

In Rabat: SPANA; In Fez: America Funduk for free vet care. They provide free care country wide, you just have to find the place in your city.

I saw the photographs of your cat - a beauty.

How long are you in residence?