Saturday, 12 May 2007

America does great cake...

Stinky appears much improved. Q took him again to the vet yesterday and secured antibiotics and further instructions on a special diet. His adorable factor continues to rise, and he is making a valiant attempt to hit the litter box consistently. He is not eating as much as she would like in spite of numerous offerings, he continues to weigh as much as a heavy thought.

I spent part of this morning looking for one of those marvelous porcelain pitchers and basin for the upstairs, but no joy. I did stop by the small hanut across from the printers in the Medina for a couple of pieces of the best cake in Rabat to bring home. Moroccans, much like Tibetans, and Indians are not great at – cake. The fluffy cake king is a distinction held by the Americans. They make marvelous tasty fluffy layer cakes that have no compare. However this hanut makes a wonderful almost pound cake like affair, very satisfactory.

What is your favorite desert? What memory is connected to it? Who made it for you? Where is your favorite city in which to enjoy it?

For me it is the fluffy cake. When I was a child Cook would bake these grand affairs with the most outlandish decorations. She would put a plastic doll in the center and then decorate the cake as the skirt of a grand ball gown, putting the icing on as her bodice. She would create dresses for different periods of history, complete with veil, snood, or hat as needed. One year she did it all in white with the doll as a fairy princess. The wings were made of spun sugar. The one consistency was that all the dolls had red hair like me. I was allowed to sit while she made the icing and given the left over; but I was never allowed to watch her decorate the cake as she said that would take away the magic.


mutterings and meanderings said...

What wonderful cake memories!

I remember certain cakes my mum made. I especially remember a 'friendship cake' which was a craze for a while. Friends would pass a little bit of raw mixture to each other, along with the recipe and so on ..

The cake itself was gorgeous - packed with fruit and nuts.

I'm a big fan or carrot cake.

lady macleod said...


sounds loads of fun that; I like carrot cake as well. I do not have the cooking talent, and I do think it is an art form. Fortunately I gave birth to a chef! Who knew? I have no idea where that gene came from, but I am glad of it.
She makes splendid cakes, and everything else as well.
Who makes your carrot cake?

Tracy L Gayton said...

Why have cake when you can have pie?

Andres Carl Sena said...

i don't particularly like cake, but my wife had this amazing cake made for our wedding. three years later, we still have some of it vaccuum packed in the freezer. we take a bit out each annivarsary and eat a bit and remember

lady macleod said...

tracy l gayton,

Ah ha a pie person! Apple? Strawberry? Lime? Pumpkin? Lemon? Chocolate? Blueberry?

I have to stop, I am salivating on my keyboard!

lady macleod said...

andres carl sena,

Very cool! and romantic. Thank you for coming by.

Andres Carl Sena said...

barbara's bedroom: listen online at you can catch it anywhere you can catch an internet connection.

lady macleod said...

thank you for the datat; I will try to get you down here

Tracy L Gayton said...

Any berry will do, but I can be seduced by a key lime.