Saturday, 19 May 2007

Worms, racing, and sexual prowness

Worms! Our visit to the vet at which we expected the vet to say how well M.C. was doing was marred somewhat by her statement, “I am amazed at the amount of worms this poor little cat is living with!” and that scrape on his little face, ringworms. Yuk! Poor little worm ridden pussy. We came home and Q slathered his little face with a garlic/olive oil concoction. Can I tell you he didn’t like it? Q made him a homemade cat collar from the Cheerios box. Now that’s entertainment! After the follow up visit to the vet today there is a suspicion, only a suspicion mind you, that on the first visit he may have been given the deworming medication for HORSES! Do you think that has anything to do with that rearing motion he goes through before pouncing? I’m just sayin’.. He has now been properly medicated complete with a proper salve for his face, perhaps not more effective than the garlic but certainly less pungent.

There is a race on today. I went down to the big avenue to see the Start. Police cars, flashing lights, sirens, crowds – whoohoo! Maroc Telecom sponsors it and I only saw one woman…granted I did not stay to see all the runners. Running in this heat makes me tired to watch it.

1157 hrs local time
Alright now I know for sure and for certain I am in a patriarchal country! It was not the women wearing different degrees and styles of the djellaba (and there are some in completely contemporary dress) with heads covered, nor the sight of some women in the veil; as here it appears to be more a matter of choice (by degrees certainly). It was not the crowds of men seated in comradely fashion in the sidewalk cafés, with only the occasional woman here and there, whom you assume is a prostitute. It was not the prohibition against entering the mosque. It was not the lack of women in government, there are some. It was not any of the societal or cultural norms in Moroccan or Muslim culture. No, it was today when I entered the apothecary on one of the main streets and as I was waiting in line, I was practicing my right-thinking state of mind – right thinking, patience, kindness, and compassion. I looked up to see displayed on the counter – prominently – a cardboard cutout advertisement in bright colors hawking a cure for - erectile dysfunction! It was written in bold print, in both Arabic and French, complete with some sheikh chappy on a bloody throne smiling! There you have it girls – there were no signs of condoms, birth control, or bloody sunscreen in a country where the unemployment rate hovers close to 45%, the incidence of AIDS is increasing, and the summer temperatures reach 130 degrees; but yes Daddy, we have the stuff to keep your Johnny at full salute! I mean really, my giddy aunt!


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Worms explain the diarrhea poor kitty has been suffering. Nice to know men all over the world have the same problems, and so do women as a result. Shall I bore you with my ordeal in trying to have a coil inserted? Perhaps not.

lady macleod said...


I think M.C. will get better once the medication kicks in. Ah men...the darlings!

Andres Carl Sena said...

erectile dysfunction snake oils are one of the oldest traded commodities, whether it be tiger penis or some sort of botanical balm. nice transition from cat ring worms to erectile dysfunction. i enjoy the odd juxtapositoning.

lady macleod said...

andres carl sena,


Some people have to search for laughs, or read other people's blogs - I just have to read my "comments" section! I swear I wasn't trying for any metaphoric comparisons or subliminal messages with worms-penis transition!

Thank you for coming by!

@themill said...

It is my experience that cats are very prone to worms and yukky skin. Do hope the little thing is feeling better now and not being prescribed the medication for erictile dysfunction in error. Otherwise those worms will be jumping to attention!

@themill said...

Oops, sorry! I obviously have a spelling malfunction. I meant erectile of course.

lady macleod said...

@the mill,

Wait a second I have to wipe the water off my laptop where I spilled a bit from laughing so. The immediate mental picture that *springs* to mind is too horrid to contemplate.

Thank you for coming by, and the commentary.

Apandi said...

LOL, amid the seriousness of your observation sprung the funny bits that made me laugh. Hmmmm, djellaba and erectile dysfunction - medicated and erectile functioning in djellaba - associated with horses and wormy pussy. Sorry rambling. LOL.

debio said...

I am assuming that there is a serious erectile dysfunction problem here too - judging from the spam emails I receive. Could this be an arab problem predominantly - I wonder? I also wonder whether the Russian hookers are the cause or the cure.....

The Good Woman said...

I think all that needs to be siad, has been said on the erctile front.

When we lived in Africa we would deworm the household around every six months - dogs, cats, people... quite an occassion we would make of it.

I Beatrice said...

Men! How can we live with them, and how without them? But they probably need more help than we do, poor dears, on that particular front!

Not sure I'd be so complacent if I were an Arab woman, mind.....

(As for cats and worms etc, well my old cat is well beyond all such troubles now.)

Many thanks for the tag, by the way. I feel honoured by the association, and am working on something reciprocal of my own.

lady macleod said...


too much rambling at sea for you! thank you for coming by.


I think from CNN it is a worldwide problem. Hookers of all nationalities are working on the problem I understand....more from our reporter on the scene after research.

thank you for dropping in.

good woman,

oi vey! I'm not even going to think about that all right?

thank you for coming by.

i beatrice,

Ah yes men, worms, cats...the world is what we make of it. You're welcome and thank you for coming by.

taamarbuuta said...

Poor little M.C.! Did you know that my cat is L.C. (little cat)?

That cracks me up about the erectile dysfunction thing - I get a lot of spam email for Viagra - often the name on the email is an Arab one.

But what is this about prohibition on entering the mosque? That's not true, my mother-in-law goes to the mosque all the time!

lady macleod said...

That's great Little Cat and Moroccan Cat! When Q told the taxi driver and the vet the full name, M.C. Solaar, they were somewhat taken aback.

I can only assume your mother-in-law is Muslim? I am not and it is my understanding as such I can not enter the mosque. do you know differently than this? I would love to go in, but I am not about to violate anyone's religious prohibitions.

As always thanks for coming by!

cathouse teri said...

My giddy aunt... you're hilarious!

I'm trying to picture a cat collar made of cheerios! :)

lady macleod said...

cathouse teri,

Thank you and thank you for coming by. There is a photograph of the Cherrios collar, you have to really look as he would not stand still.

darth sardonic said...

this was brilliant! i laughed at the ed meds.

lady macleod said...


Always a pleasure to make you laugh, as you certainly give me plenty.

thank you for coming by.

james higham said...

Is there any truth in the reports of harems? Sexual dysfunction might indeed be a factor here.

lady macleod said...


There is proof in multiple wives, I suppose one could call them harems. Not being male I am not clear on how that would cause ed?

There is a house in the Fez Medina for "women who are no longer allowed to live in the palace"...some of them are from the harem of the old king, the others..