Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I hate nats. I think they are creepy. They always make me think of dead and rotting bodies. for a long time I took any appearance of nats as an ominous sign, but then as my daughter points out I am superstitious in four different cultures. The only bad symptom of summer thus far is the appearance of nats in the house. They are larger than 'normal' nats, but slow and stupid. I can't find any standing water or any internal reason for their appearance, so I am assuming for now it is a sign of the season. It's not like there are hoards or anything, just enough to be annoying. Inshallah. I have a deal with the Universe. I try not to kill anything unless it is trying to kill or injure me. I can't be a Jane, although I admire their compassionate view point, but I am too much the pragmatic Scot to carry around a little brush to wipe away any living creatures before I sit and to let the rats run free (yuk, shiver and shake). I do think nats qualify, they are after all not only endangering my sight (they COULD fly right into my eyes while I am coming down our death-in-a-fall stairs. They could!) but my sanity as I find them creepy and in the vein of the whole "ides of March" thing. So I do kill them, but not with glee; relief but not glee.

I cannot believe it took the powers that decide these things so long to give Denzel Washington an Oscar. That man can act, and he is so very pretty.

Oh my giddy aunt! I have a "comment". The excitement and pleasure this incites only confirms my status as an approval junky. Perfect for a writer eh? Thank you for reading, I am inspired to be interesting...


Wynn Bexton said...

Where those gnats or rats? either are pests. Enjoyed reading your blog (visiting after your message on mine). Shall read more now. You live in Morocco? I visited Marrakech for a trekking holiday a few years ago. Loved it!

lady macleod said...

Ah that is the problem then. I have been misspelling the name of the buggers; it is indeed gnats!
Yes, I live in Rabat, it is brilliant.
Thank you for the read,