Tuesday, 1 May 2007


We had planned to go over to the office to pick up T's stipend today, as well as have me sign up for French classes. Alas when we called Abdul this morning,
T: "We need to replace the Booda but I guess Abdul is at work, and I want a shower."
Me" "Try him. They have the most unusual holidays, well unusual to us. When I returned 2 April it was some sort of school holiday so you never know."

He came right over, bringing the chap who brings the gas and informed us that yes indeedy today is a holiday. So there will be no picking up, nor signing up. The holidays are Moroccan, and French, with the other ex-pats throwing our own days in there.

I have an email today about the writer's conference in British Columbia. The timing is good, mid-October. I can go into Boston, leave my stuff off with Cath', go up to Surrey, then return to Boston to visit, shop, and see doctors. The ticket and hotel are doable, I don't know the fee for the conference yet.

I am taking up the challenge of one of my fellow bloggers - to create at least one page of writing every day in May. Just the re-start I need.

Our weather continues to be glorious. Warmer, yes but absolutely tolerable.

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