Sunday, 4 January 2009

and on we go...

4 January 2009

Up and at it again, no bloody migraine is keeping me from enjoying my trip any more than I can help it! Grrr….

Yesterday. for me was sleep and drugs but J. went to our afternoon play and was raving about it. He enjoyed it so much he is thinking of ditching our tickets for Tuesday night in an attempt to go again so I can see it. “The Cripple of Inishmann” by Martin McDonagh. J. has seen two other of his plays that he says were just as fine. This one is filled with an almost totality of Irish actors for the cast, adding to the pleasure of the dialogue. It is a “black comedy” so you have to enjoy that sort of humour and sad sweetness, but it is done so well as to bring both a tear and a smile. I can’t wait to see it!

Now let me tell you about a couple of incidents that I did not have time for earlier…

At “All my Sons” the very best part was that before the play began J. spotted Alan Rickman at the bar. Now S. (J’s daughter) is a HUGE fan. So he took courage and playbill in hand and approached him for an autograph for S. I cannot tell you how gracious Mr. Rickman was! I love it when that happens. I enjoyed his acting before, now I shall like it even better I think. Well done Mr. Rickman.

However – da da de dum… while waiting the interval between “Jersey Boys” and “All my Sons” we happened upon the Marriot in Times Square. A national hotel chain yes? Normalcy yes? Not! It was so surreal, like a time loop from the “Twilight Zone” (the old series). The first seven floors were mostly barren of normal lobby décor and filled with tourists and some hometown folk without abodes with heat I believe sitting and lounging about. We went up the seventh floor where there was a restaurant promised – weeelllll – not exactly. It was more an area where people (as had we) had frequented the nearby Starbucks, brought in the café’ and just sat down! It was a bar, no really it was – but no bar tenders or waitresses. There was a small area to our rear that had tables with those screens on them that you can order from and several people were frantically pushing the screen without results. Over to the right behind a fence of some ilk there did appear people at tables with food, but again no servers. From whence had the food come? And as we sat and speculated and laughed, a sound began – it was all around us, from every side, soft and harsh – the sound of chairs – dare I say it – having flatus! I’m not kidding you that is bloody well what it sounded like! We collapsed into a pile of giggling sillies and enjoyed our coffee and left!

We are staying at the Omni Berkshire Hotel of 52nd street – a wonderful location but I am yet to be thrilled by the hotel. The rooms are more on the size of Europe and the temperature control in the room is rather dependant on opening and closing the windows! The bed rattles and shakes (oh stop thinking naughty – no, go ahead) with any physical activity and the armoire is too small for two people here for a week’s stay. I will say the delivery of early morning café and paper (free) goes some way to alleviate my disappointment. I did have to request extra pillows twice and I was not thrilled with the clean up job – yes I am visiting the manager today. Well now, you know that I always write notes and in the Blog about good service, so…

Speaking of people who should be threatened with sticky things on their chairs for life – there was a huge woman behind us at “Jersey Boys” who would not stop talking DURINGT THE PERFORMACE! I took all I could and then turned and gave her my best ‘mother’ “Shush!”. She did quiet right down, I say smugly. And there was an older gentleman who not only did not turn off his cell phone but answered it DURING THE PERFROMANCE! That was more funny than annoying I must say.

The Fireside Restaurant next to the hotel is quite good and we had their yummies for room service last night because someone didn’t want to risk my getting out of bed. Yes, “someone” is rather lovely. (patience, patience – when I get back home).

So there it stands lovely readers. WE have a matinee today, and are going to walk about the city because I feel great! Huzzah. And tonight? Tonight of course you silly are the American football playoffs! Grin. Grin.



Mama Zen said...

I adore Alan Rickman! I'm so glad that he was gracious.

James Higham said...

I've always liked Alan Rickman and my favourite of his was in Galaxy Quest. I would have expected him to be like this.

Mr Farty said...

Alan Rickman is - oh. What they said.

What an odd place.

lady macleod said...

Mama Zen
I know! I love it when that happens.
Thank you for coming by.

I love Galaxy Quest!!!! You never know with people but I was pleased as well.
Thank you for coming by.

Indeed. Thank you for coming by.