Sunday, 25 January 2009

just in case eh?

It’s Sunday so I wasn’t going to post today but I’ve been doing something I think I will tell you all about – just to think about eh? Aside that is from the running about and list making I’m doing so that J. will not run mad taking care of me after the surgery.

Now let us all hold in mind this is happy-surgery, totally selfish, and happily so – it’s the bloody tests discoveries along the way that are being scary and a pain. But then that is how the Universe takes care of us, I would never have had my thyroid checked, or a CBC, or been in a hurry to get a mammogram – so that’s all good.

What I have been doing today is writing my “just in case” letters. No matter how good your surgeon, your anaesthesiologist, and your nurses – stuff happens. I believe you all know me well enough by now to know by fact and innuendo that I have lived a life that has included sudden death, as well as violent deaths of those close to me, and those who are fellow humans. I have learned many things from this, but most of all, to never leave things unsaid. So this morning I wrote my daughter, my best friend, and my love – letters telling them how much I love them, to take care of each other, and thanking them for their love.

Even if you are not having surgery – it’s a good idea eh? We never know. And thank you lovely readers for all your kind words and encouragement these past two years, for allowing me into your community. If all goes well the surgery is Friday and I’m just assuming (understatement) that I won’t feel like posting for a few days! But I will let you know the state of affairs as soon as I can; meanwhile take good care of yourselves, those you love, and the world.



jmb said...

I call it whistling in the dark. If you are prepared for things going wrong then they won't.

It will all be fine, fine, fine. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

When will I get my letter? An email would do you know... ;-))
I am sure you will be OK, and that your God will be with you.

Sparx said...

I think that's a wonderful idea, I have a letter to my family in my safe for just such an occasion... one never knows.

Ahem. Any chance of befores and afters, for those of us thinking along the same lines??????? ahem. cough.

Sparx said...

ps, that was very intrusive, just ignore me! Too curious, that's me.

sally in norfolk said...

all will be fine.... and you will be back here with your tales before you know it ... see you soon x x

Ellee Seymour said...

Good luck Lady Macleod, I'm thinking maybe I should do something similar too.

lady macleod said...

Exactly! I call it a FUBAR plan. Thank you for the good wishes. thank you for coming by.

My man! You KNOW how I feel about you, and I expect jmb to comfort you should the worst happen.
Thank you dear one, and thank you for coming by.

Befores you cheeky wench are right there on the wedding photographs from May- haven't fallen too much apart since then! I have been happy so I have lost a bit too much weight ( I know, I know - no sympathy on that one!), I don't like having my photograph made (you know that) but I will see that you get to see the "new and improved" version :-)

NOt a bit of it, curious is good - and you have to look far into the future you know...
thank you for coming by.

THat's what I like to hear, thank you dear. And thank you for coming by.

Well I am just excited beyond words about the plastic surgery (once I got over the totally selfish aspect) BUT it's all the crap that has come up threatening to put off the date on Friday that has me askew.
My opinion would be to go get your through physical FIRST, then find yourself a good plastic surgeon. Other than that - oh goody yes, if you want to - do it!
thank you for coming by.,