Friday, 30 January 2009

Crisps and crackers sometimes go stale…

First order of business – ohmygods the number of people losing their jobs! I feel the pain and fear that must be uppermost in their minds, and I can only hope those with the power have also the brains to turn this around. I feel fortunate that my family is so far not too affected (yes, Madoff did get me too, but not so much). I never, as you know, proselytize any religion; but I believe in prayer-intention-meditation-whatever you want to call it - it has power. I suggest we all put our considerable intentions toward a positive resolution to this problem. Come on, we are writing stuff that people read every day; we can intend a positive economy!

And I am in the United States now, which apparently means American football whether you want it or not – the Super Bowl on Sunday. Never have I seen anything that more resembles the Gladiators in the Arena in Rome! Not that I don’t enjoy a good brawl… I don't have a horse in this race but I tell you that Fitzgerald is my reason to watch - what an athlete!! Awesome!

And now – to me. The surgery (obviously since I’m here) is rescheduled. A good decision. I was a mess right up until I decided and then I became quite calm. This way resolution - the thyroid biopsy (for which I want to assure you they will give me some serious drugs or endanger their lives), the mammogram past film “should” show up today and give some definitive answers. My URI (upper respiratory infection) will be resolved, or have killed me. Shortness of breath anyone?

I did go down to MRI at Methodist and was assisted by the nicest (too cute) young man who informed me that they find it rather difficult to do an MRI on the breasts when the patient is hacking and coughing up lung tissue (ummm yes well) so we postponed that until the film comes in and the radiologist says “yes we need it.” Or “No.” (No is my vote)

Reschedule by the adorable and oh so nice Beth in Dr. Jeffrey Friedman’s office for 17 February – I’m very happy. Long enough away to get everything done, back in the gym a bit, and not so far that I think it will never happen. I sent Beth some “thank you flowers” because I think, if you can, you should when someone is so very caring and kind.

So there it stands lovely readers. 1,2,and 3: get the mammogram resolved, get the thyroid diagnosed, and get over the respiratory death. Wish me well will you? Thank you :-)


Just saw this! Go and have a laugh!


Gary said...

Susan, the mother of my two boys wrote, "I saw Crickett's picture on your FACEBOOK friends page. MY GOD!!! How old was she when you married her...six?!!! She looks FABULOUS. Ii's been so long ago, and I re-married too spectacularly to feel anything like resentment, but please...could someone pull that woman out of the time warp?!!!"

lady macleod said...

You sure know how to make a woman's day I must say. Could I please stay in the time warp another ten years or so...? Thank you for the kind words and tender thoughts.
Thank you for coming by.