Friday, 30 January 2009

You recover from an URI your way, and I’ll recover mine…

After days in bed, taking pills of all colours I was stir crazy. So
v e r y slowly this morning, I went through my routine (café, oatmeal, meditation, news – not necessarily in that order)_ and then dressed to go out. Yes, it is actually chilly in Houston, Texas – not cold, don’t kid yourself Houstonians, but too chilly (according to J. for me to do the Rice walk). My solution – the Galleria of course! Ta da!

Stopping off first of course at Anne Fontaine to say hello, just to bloody say hello to the adorable Carrie Johnson, the store manager. Upon which, she forcibly pulls me into the store, and coerced me into trying on a couple of new shirts. It was not my fault! The one shirt is so cute and fit so perfectly… what’s a girl to do? It’s all Carrie’s fault – so yes Anne Fontaine you should give her a raise. Assisted by the lovely Virginia Sanders who told me they are having a sale on make-up at Saks! Now you know when Saks has a sale they don't mess around and make-up bloody never goes on sale - unfortunately I don't need any - I hate that. They make every visit there such fun. Thank you ladies.

People were nice to me all day. I love that.

I had planned to hit the Apple store – that was not the fault of the helpful Brian with the adorable shirt about how he was there to help as Santa’s elves are busy. So Apple chalk up that purchase to helpful service and good products. My Shuffle (which I have loved, loved I tell you; and lugged all over the world) is dying – not there yet, but the gasping and “I won’t play anything but the random setting” – it’s a clue to the end people. THese photographs of the new ones are nothing like my old dependable and I thought it was small! I consider a new I Pod a health purchase. I can not exercise without it, forget it! They are so much tinier than when I bought my Shuffle, and it’s in my “signature red”. Got a handy little recorder attachment to record conversations – not for nefarious purposes Mutley – but conversation/readable dialogue is difficult to write; so this works great as a guide. That’s all…just listening in…

And then, duh – the book store: picked up the new Grisham novel, because you know you rather must, and a cute little book called One Hundred by Nina Garcia. It’s about those 100 things every woman (that would be you Dulwichmum) must have in her closet. I don’t think I go along with all 100, but I saw enough to see that I was in enough agreement to purchase the book and see what else she has to say. And the latest issue of MORE magazine with Ms. Emma Thompson on the cover looking brilliant! I love to watch her, and she can write, and she’s married to a much younger HUNK. I love a woman with talent!

By this time I was truly pooped out and that shortness of breath thing was back, so off to home I toddled to unpack, put away, and play with my new toys.

Oh, did I mention a bought a bubble wand at The Village Firefly in Rice Village – from the very nice lady Candy. He he. It’s soooo pretty. I will put up a photograph for you. I’m getting myself a bucket, making up the bubble-brew and going outside on Sunday and just make bubbles for a while – now that’s joy people. Still no word on the mammogram but you know what, I’m not going to worry over it until it’s here.



Gary said...

Just finished "The Associate". It's pretty darn good and after having put a spouse through law school (she was offered a job at Baker Botts in Houston) the associate grind seemed VERY realistic. Also, I too love my iPod (the Touch is amazing) and couldn't live without it. Finally, Nina Garcia...I'm a huge fan of Project Runway and see her there frequently. Here's something else in that vein...I had a dear friend named Dorothy Marshall who was one of Coco Channels models in Paris during the 50's. (Dorothy had stories that were astonishing, e.g., her life in the Village in post modeling days with gay roommate, writer James Baldwin). I loved Dorothy and even though she was about 20 years older than me (she died last year) I was completely smitten. Her daughter, Esme Marshall, was THE top model in the world for about four years and dated Jack Nicholson...and broke his heart. Esme is among the least pretentious people I've met and now works as a European tour guide. Okay...gotta go see my socialist Catholic friends. Enjoy your Sunday!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Those shop assistants just MAKE us buy stuff, don't they?! Rootin' for you, Lady M.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Ah, Lady M., you do know how to take care of yourself. Retail therapy, yes!!! And good for the economy. Take care. I hope everything turns out all right for you.

lady macleod said...

One of Coco Channel's models?! Wow! I'll be those are some stories. My my you do get around Nebraska boy...
Thank you for coming by.

Yes, yes - I was forced. I knew you would understand:-)
Thank you for coming by.

Yes, just trying to do my bit for the economy - rather like Queen Elizabeth visiting the bomb sites during WWII...- all right not exactly but....
Thank you for coming by:-)