Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A day of hope..

I am put in mind this morning one of my favourite films, “Amazing Grace” – oh if you have not seen it, please do – and if you have school age children, pop the corn, line them up, sit them down, and watch it with them.

I have no idea what sort of job Mr. Obama will do but I hope it’s splendid, for America and the rest of the world. I think the main thing for me today is - I am proud of the country in which I was born, and the planet, and we humans in general. Two days ago I saw “Defiance” (another good one) that pointed out both the depravity that we humans are capable of, and the simple heroism of reaching out your hand to the person standing next to you in kindness, that we humans can manage in the most dire of straits.

I know you hear a lot of the “bad” news here – because it offends me and I think the least I can do is be mad and tell a few people who can tell a few people… But today I am full of hope – yes, James we all know I’m the eternal optimist, but I choose that role, I do not fall into it unknowingly.

Therefore today I will hope - for me, my family, my country, your family, your country, and our very, very, small planet. I will hope.


jmb said...

Indeed it is a day of hope. But in a way I think he is set up for failure since the problems are so enormous and it will be a difficult job to even begin to solve them within the time allowed.

I do hope I am wrong, for who is president in the USA affects us all, for good or bad. And I do wish him well and I hope he proves me wrong.

I Beatrice said...

I too am full of hope today! I watched it all on the Tv - and what a day it was for celebrity-watching, apart from anything else.

I was charmed by the man of course, as who wouldn't be? But I was almost equally charmed by the stylish outfits of the two litte girls. And of their mother - here is perhaps another kind of Jackie Kennedy come to delight us, I said to myself..

As for what he will do - or whether he can do it, who can say? He's scarcely older than my own sons after all, so as a mother, how can I help but have the odd misgiving?

For the moment though, there is brave new hope - which beats glum defeatism every time!

Go, Obama, go.....

lady macleod said...

I know what you mean but I do hope that the public remembers he said in his acceptance speech, "it may take four years, it may take eight." And having been out in the world, I can't agree more that his actions will be heard worldwide.
Thank you for coming by.

I Beatrice
Indeed, hope. Thank you for coming by.