Monday, 5 January 2009

What a wickedly wonderful day!

5 January 2009

Where do I begin? The beginning? Fine.

I believe I had mentioned to you that I was less than thrilled with our room and service at the Omni Berkshire in New York City – it came to a point that I had a list! I stopped by the desk on our way out (J. found himself a comfortable chair and looked cute and uncomplaining) while I asked for the manager. I was halfway through my list when I threw in some humour and we were comped an immediate upgrade. Yes, jmb as you and I have discussed, being nice goes a long way.

We left the hotel for a walkabout to the nearest Starbucks (yes we are both addicts, me more than he I admit); I was force-fed some yogurt and we headed for the Gershwin Theatre to see “Wicked”. It was sold out, has been for some time I understand, and J. paid an exorbitant amount for center third row seats – just for me. Isn’t love grand? And it was brilliant! Brilliant! Grand, huge, spectacular, and an ocean of colour and sound to dazzle the eyes and ears. Wow! Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, and book by Winine Holzman based on the novel by Gregory Maquire that I admit I could not get through.

I wanted to like it. I did, but I could not. I’m thrilled to tell you that not liking the book had no discernible influence on my total enjoyment of the musical.

Now for the “awwwww” part of my day. Last month I bought a new pair of shoes. You know me; always books over shoes but these were red patent leather Cole Hahn heels with straps, and ON SALE! Too much to resist yes? Yes! They are sooooo pretty. I love them. And yes, jmb I did bring my camera, but I forgot my recharger and connections for the laptop (hanging my head in shame). I will have a photograph for you when I return home, for now take my word for it.

On our way to the theatre we took a walk through Central Park to watch the skaters on the lake. I heard – “Tell her honey.”

I looked down into a pair of gorgeous green eyes set in the face of a pixie. “I like your red shoes.”

I squatted down to her level and took her hand, “Thank you so much. These are my favourite shoes so I am so pleased that you like them. My name is C.”

“Tell her your name honey,” urged the sweet mother.

“My name is Isabella.”

“Isabella it is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the nicest part of my day.” And the lovely family of three walked away and we headed for the lake with my grin spreading ear to ear and my heart full.

Arriving at the theatre I was sitting on a cushioned bench awaiting J. who had gone for a drink when a nicely dressed gentleman said, “Look Mattie she’s wearing the ruby slippers!”

I swear to you when I wore the shoes to the play it was merely because I love my new shoes – the significance did not, albeit it should have, occurred to me -but what fun!

We returned to the hotel and moved (all right I did it while J. went out for Starbucks – he does not like to move and I do). The upgrade is quite lovely, much larger with nicer amenities and later in the evening the management sent along a nice complementary bottle of wine.

We had time to catch the last quarter of the playoff game, and ordered room service for a nice dinner in bed. A great day all in all. What a lucky girl am I? And I know and appreciate it. Boy, just think what the rest of the year may bring!


sally in norfolk said...

sounds fab... and i know all about being a lucky girl :-)

jmb said...

Red shoes, my favourite colour and leading to all kinds of wonderful adventures.

I am enjoying tales from the Big Apple and I am so glad the Berkshire is now treating you royally as they well should.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

May the rest of your year be even better, Lady M. Of course you couldn't resist those shoes!

lady macleod said...

It is and I KNOW you do!
Thank you for coming by.

Yes, I love my shoes! Indeed the Berkshire is now performing admirably I must say.
Thank you for coming by.

I knew you would understand about the shoes!
Thank you for coming by.

James Higham said...

The fascination of shoes to ladies is a source of endless wonder to me.

lady macleod said...

And you my love are an endless fascination to women!
Thank you for coming by .