Friday, 2 January 2009

The first night in New York City

2 January 2009

Good News/Bad News

I like the bad news first myself – gets it out of the way you know? And that would be “Dividing the Estate” at the Booth theater in New York City. Written by Horton Foote of such fame as the play “To Kill a Mockingbird” and two Oscars has a real dud here. Our conclusion was that he wrote and pushed onto Broadway (at Broadway prices!) a vehicle for his daughter, Hallie Foote who, at least in this production was shrill, unbelievable, and annoying. We were in sharp disagreement with the New York Times obviously.

It was the Booth Theatre and quite frankly it may well be that the assassination was easier to watch! The characters had the depth of a cookie tin and the dialogue was to put it kindly stiff-stilted-moronic-and trite. As I attended the play with an actual Texan I can tell you the play revealed nothing of the people or the culture of that fascinating state.

Normally I’m the one who is the annoying optimist, the one to look under every trashcan for the bright side – but I was anxious for the play to end! So I could leave! This is not a good sign. The drawing card that proved so disappointing was the billing of Elizabeth Ashley, who deigned not to appear; and Gerald McRaney who could not overcome the drab dialogue or the pointless story.

The one bright moment was a young actress who appeared at the very end for too short a time to lend a bright light to a drab stage – Virginia Kull, played a white trash waitress and was a funny moment in an otherwise dirge of a play that was billed as a comedy.

Now for the good news! New York City is still all dressed up in its holiday finery and we had a wonderful meal in the hotel restaurant (a nice surprise) after the play and the weather is winter wonderful freezing! Huzzzah!

I must get to the gym as we have two plays scheduled for today – but more later on the surreal experience we had before the play looking for a bite to eat! Twilight Zone stuff I promise you.


James Higham said...

a vehicle for his daughter, Hallie Foote who, at least in this production was shrill, unbelievable, and annoying

Nepotism in film and theatre rarely works.

jmb said...

It took a long time to get to the good news there Lady Mac. I hope the next ones are more to your taste.

Iota said...

What a fantastic week you're having.

lady macleod said...

He who speaks the truth! he he
Thank you for coming by.

Indeed! Thank you for coming by.

Thank you for coming by.