Tuesday, 27 January 2009

when your hair looks good...here you go Sparx - "before"


Crushed said...

I certainly can't argue with that :)

sally in norfolk said...

looking good LadyM x

Anna said...

Fabulous! I've let my hair go grey for a couple of years but IMO unless it's a very particular kind of grey (sort of bright silver), it drags one down a little. And people assume I'm older than early 50s. Maybe I'll get it coloured again... What do you think?!!!

Anna said...

PS. Great upper arms too!

lady macleod said...

THanks babe! :-) and thank you for coming by.

thank you love, and thank you for coming by. I'm so excited by your upcoming adventure.

I think you look fabulous darling BUT I think if colouring your hair will give you a lift (as it does me!) - THEN DO IT!!!
thank you for coming by.

and thank you - weights baby, weights!

Sparx said...

well that's bloody brilliant!

lady macleod said...

Isn't it though? he he Wicked,very wicked.
Thank you for coming by.