Tuesday, 6 January 2009

no museum day for me - however...

6 January 2009

What a day….
I woke yesterday to discover the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Frick were CLOSED ON MONDAY. Oh how my face fell! J. was sleeping soundly and I saw no reason to wake him and share my disappointment so I headed out for a walk in search of Starbucks café and a bookstore (always a comfort). I didn’t make it, but I did run right into the Met’s souvenir shop and bought seasonal cards for next year at 75% off – my day was getting better!

Just then J. called from the hotel to say he was awake and going into the shower. I returned to fetch him and we found the bookstore complete with Starbucks café. I found the New York City Mole Book I had been looking for unsuccessfully in Houston and we bought a neat paperback with walks of New York City.

We took ourselves uptown to Central Park, the ice skating rink (watching some little ones take lessons) and up to the long Mall Walk. As our toes began to get a little frosty we headed toward Tavern on the Green where they had just finished up for lunch and dinner would not start until five – but they set us up with a lovely table in the back overlooking the restaurant and it’s holiday decorations and plied us with drinks until dinner time.

We had the most marvelous dead cow for J. and salmon for me – along with liberal glasses of eggnog and brandy. My desert (more in the way of a gift really at forty dollars a glass!) was a delectable glass of Glenlivit finest Highland Malt Whisky that was about as old as I am! Whoa! My mouth could not believe it’s good fortune.

We returned home, played in the bath, watched the end of the University of Texas game, and had other adventures. By the time I laid head to pillow I had forgotten all about my disappointment over the closed museums.


Ian Lidster said...

You, my dear, have this intrinsic ability to make me envy the hell out of you in your travels and adventures. Keep them up. See, no resentments. I still love you.

James Higham said...

Eggnog and brandy - nothing but the best, eh?

sally in norfolk said...

Playing in the bath sounds wonderful :-)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading about your new adventures in 2009...

Anna said...

Who is J? I haven't kept up 100% - did I miss something?

lady macleod said...

How desolate would I be should our cyber affair end? Devastated, simply devastated!!
Thank you for coming by and I'm glad you are enjoying.

Yeahsureyoubetcha' I have you don't I?
Thank you for coming by.

Oh yes indeed!!!!
Thank you for coming by.

Pamela Jeanne
Happiest of years to you my friend!~ I hope to have many adventures for you to read about. I'm on it!
Thank you for coming by.

Um.... no not MISSED anything, I've just not been talking... It's quite wonderful really; a great story and you will love it - but due to certain circumstances (NO he is NOT married) I can't tell you just yet but it is COMING UP SOON. Let us just say I'm blissfully happy.
Thank you for coming by.

Anna said...

Ohhh, looking forward to enlightenment. I got J. confused with the romantic man in the desert. :~))